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Guild Welfare

Creating a more interactive version of the existing flow chart on resources for help with mental health ( The project outcome will be a site with multiple choice / drop downs that guides the user to get a list of relevant resources. This is a great project for beginners.

Related skills:

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Source control (Git)

Teach for Australia

Teach for Australia is currently having to read through a candidate's transcript manually to figure out which field the candidate is eligible to teach. For example, to be able to teach chemistry you need 2 level 1 science units and at least 1 chemistry unit. The project outcome is a site that allow students to enter their unit code and categories that the unit go under and gives them which area they might be able to teach

Related skills:

  • Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Source control (Git)

UWA Access Department Accessibility App

The UWA Access Department (previously UWA Access Collective) represents students who live with or have experiences with disability, medical conditions and mental health. They host a number of events to facilitate peer support and raise awareness of access issues at UWA.

While information on disability services around the UWA campuses does exist, it is not available from any single source. Additionally, it may not be presented in a format that is easy to find or use. To overcome these problems, the Access Department teamed up with Coders for Causes to develop a mobile app over the 2017/18 summer break. This app would be available for Android and iOS and display access information on a campus map.

The project was worked on by a small team of student developers but did not reach completion at the end of the summer break. The aim for the 2018 winter break is to complete the project before the commencement of Semester 2.

Coders for Causes is looking for additional members to strengthen the team and assist in meeting the new deadline. The project is open source and the code is available on GitHub (iOS, Android).

Required Skills

  • Basic iOS development skills (completing the Swift and iOS tutorials is sufficient) AND/OR
  • Basic Android development skills (completing this Udacity tutorial is sufficient)
  • Good team player
  • Able to commit to the project for the winter break

Preferred Skills

  • Have experience working on or building an iOS/Android app (solo projects included, does not need to be published)
  • Experience using Git/GitHub
  • Experience/knowledge of cloud platforms (specifically Firebase)