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David Yu

  • I program a bit.
  • I specialise in web dev but im most known for my desktop software
  • Not a great programmer but slowly getting there
  • Take care and feel free to ask me any questions: <3
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Anh Le

Anh is a software developer who loves machine learning and data. His motto is: "your code will break at some point, make sure it's prepared to break gracefully". Aside from his university studies, he actively volunteer in a number of roles and maintain various side projects. Though majoring in computer science and data science, he is also interested in psychology and medicine.

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Alex Arnold

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Minh Le

Minh is a developer who is passionate about technology and education. He is currently studying computer science and marketing. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his friends and make smart investments in fine ice-cream.

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Ekin Bukulmez